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Differences between First Focal Plane Optics and Second Focal Plane Optics:

Written by Mark Greer What I want to accomplish today is to help shooters understand what is happening when you adjust power settings on a variable power scope. To begin with we need to realize that there is a marked difference in a variable power first focal plane scope and second focal plane scope. Not only a marked difference in operation but usually price as well. Each has it's pro's and con's. I will refer...
April 4, 2016

Mounting Your Optics

Written by: Mark Greer Let’s talk about “OPTICS”. This subject stirs up a lot of the BIG D WORD!!!Discussion, Dissension, Disparity, Disagreement, Divergence, Divorce… Need I go on???? The...
November 25, 2014

Long Range Shooting 101

Written by: Mark Greer First and foremost I want to thank anyone who may glance or rather “study in detail” this section. I am flattered that you are reading...
September 5, 2014