What kind of consumption can I expect from Ignite Deer Products?
It varies upon region, conditions, placement, usage and number of animals frequenting the area. The unique cooking process of the Ignite deer blocks creates a hard block that only allows deer to lick small amounts. After product is exposed to the atmosphere, the exterior will slowly start to loosen and disintegrate but will take weeks to breakdown.
What’s the difference between Ignite Deer Supplements and Ignite Deer Attractants?
Ignite deer supplements carry the essential vitamins and minerals that deer need to enhance antler growth, bone development and overall herd health. Ignite deer attractants are designed to bring the deer in and help create a routine for the deer so they are where they need to be on opening day.
When should I start using the Ignite Deer Supplements?
Ignite deer supplements are designed to be fed year round. These products provide deer with the essential nutrition to enhance antler growth, bone development and overall herd health.
When should I start using the Ignite Deer Attractants?
The attractants can be used any time but to establish a routine, start placing product out during July/August. Animals will continue to frequent the area during the season and increase consumption as browse/feed availability decreases.
Where and how do I use the Ignite hanging blocks?
For optimum results, hang the ignite blocks with the embedded rope 4 feet from the ground near trails and hunting areas. Proper placement can form a deer route and routine. Keep product in shade when possible to extend the life of product. Outside conditions: sun, moisture, and season will affect the longevity of the product.
What is the best way to feed the Ignite liquid products?
For optimum results, apply Ignite liquid products to a surface or area located where deer are frequently seen. Deer runs, rubs, or scrapes are ideal places to apply the liquid products. Product can be poured on the ground, over stumps or on grain piles.
Are the Ignite deer products legal to use in my State?
Please consult your local and State game regulations regarding feeding of nutritional supplements and also attractants.
Where can I buy Ignite deer attractants and supplements?
You can purchase online at https://www.bigdoghunting.com/product-category/accessories/hunting-accessories/ignitethehunt/!