"Unbelievable results"

I started using the Lick N Log and the Monster Nut late last season with unbelievable results. Once the deer find it they cannot resist. These are the best attractants that I have ever seen, bar none, and I have tried them all in the last thirty years. Highly recommend that you try these out.
Mark D, Central TX Multi Ranch Manager

"Does and big bucks started coming by daily. "

I was trying to keep deer and big bucks on my 500 acre ranch in Southwestern Oklahoma, but had some competition. My neighbor and I are very competitive and want to have the bragging rights. I tried everything including numerous attractants like Deer Cane and Acorn Rage. I also used Biorocks, Trophy Rocks, and a Stockade block with little or no luck. I started using Ignite deer attractants and supplements and the does and big bucks started coming by daily. These are the first products I used that kept deer coming by. I have lots of game cam pics and know Ignite actually works.
Jerome P, Hidden Springs Ranch - Mangum, Oklahoma

"We saw a huge increase in deer activity!"

Midway through the 2013 deer season we were having a hard time seeing deer. To pattern them was impossible. Late in the season we began to use the Ignite products and we saw a huge increase in deer activity. Once they showed up they came back often. Absolutely a great product from a great company, and we look forward to using them for many seasons to come.
Nathan W, Brothers in Christ Outdoors-Atoka, Oklahoma

"Ignite products did the job!"

I started using Ignite products in the summer of 2013 on “the bottom” near Dexter, Texas. The place I hunted was in the middle of a ranch that surrounded me on three sides providing a refuge for deer. I needed something that would draw the deer off the neighboring ranch which did not allow hunting. Ignite products did the job! I started using the Monster Nut and deer cam pics increased steadily. Through pictures, I was able to recognize deer and pattern them. Late in the year, the neighbor high fenced the three sides around me and I thought it was all over. Ignite products kept them coming and I can vouch the products work.
Don R. Dexter, TX